Ground Control and Major Tom

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We created Ground Control (White) and Major Tom (Black) with a purposeful vision. At Daydream Apothecary we formulate colours with high levels of pigment using minuscule amounts of black pigment, if any. Because of this our colours are more brilliant and true. Our neons are the truest form of colour, having zero black or white pigment in their base. This is what makes our NEONS so vibrant. 

Ground Control is a magnificent white all on its own. Created with only natural white pigment, it is the purest white on the market. It's purpose to create variations of colour in their truest form when mixed with other colours. On the flip side, Major Tom has been formulated from pure black pigment to create depth of colour. It darkens while keeping the colours vibrancy.

Now you truly have a galaxy of colour possibilities! 

This is Ground Control to Major Tom .