Tools and Accessories

Finishing Pad - give your furniture a silky smooth finish, use after your Dixie Belle has dried to buff your furniture.

Blue Sponge - the Blue Sponge fits your hand perfectly. Apply Gator Hide with a dry sponge for a smooth, even finish.

Applicator Pads - perfect for applying any Dixie Belle stains.

Continuous Mister Bottle - use this fine mist bottle with water while painting to help move your paint along and go further.

Sanding Sponge - the Sanding Sponge is 220 grit and excellent for wet or dry distressing. The sponge is a must-have for painting fabric.

RAD Pads - Foam Backed Abrasives - soft and easy to hold - conforms to any surface - long lasting aluminium oxide abrasive.

    Medium     120-150

    Fine            220-240 

    Very Fine    280-380

    Super Fine  500-600


Wood Graining Tool - Create Faux Wood effects easily and quickly! High quality toolset to easily mimic the wood grain effect on all surfaces. Snap the wood graining tool onto the handle. Start by dragging in the wet paint, glaze, or stain. Slide the graining tool towards you as you slowly pivot downwards. Continue to pull and pivot either up or downward to create varied wood grain effect. Repeat until the desired effect is created.

Foam N Dandy Brushes - designed for applying paint, stain or clear coat. Gives an ultra smooth effortless finish.