Redesign with Prima Stencils, Decoupage Papers, Wax and Tools

Stencils - Intrinsically detailed, our stencils feature a high grade material allowing for the most precise stencilling. Available in a variety of styles, sizes and patterns.

Decor Wax - radiant and offering an opportunity to transform any surface, Decor Waxes offer brilliance and versatility in one product. Simply rub onto any surface to reveal details and raised areas while offering a beautiful metallic sheen.

Memory Hardware Artisan Powder - a fine and delicate colourised powder that can be used on wood, resins, paper, clay or any surface. 

Kacha Imitation Gold Leaf - When you think of Versailles you instantly think GOLD. Add a touch of this golden splendour to your project with Kacha's new Gold Leaf sheets. Gold Leaf Sheets are designed to be used with Gilding Glue for the perfect adhesion. 

Glass Bead Gel - a versatile gel with suspended glass beads that is great for adding a texturised element to your project. Apply it with stencils and palette knives. Gel can be colourised and used with other mediums for a myriad of effects.