Daydream Apothecary Artisan Paint, Brushes, Dreamcoat

Daydream Apothecary  is about way more than just the paint (although the paint is pretty bomb too, if you ask us). Instead, Daydream Apothecary is about finding raw, beautiful talent, and recognising those who aren't afraid to hustle. They partner with creative, edgy artists - well known or not so much - who inspire to be bold and take risks to create truly amazing paint for their products.

The paint is highly pigmented, can be easily blended, has a customised finish and is earth friendly.

The paint formula has clay and chalk like properties, it has zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), reconstitutes with water, and blends beautifully with other brands and colours. The formula's chalk-like properties give your projects insane and the option for a super-smooth or textured finish.

Once you paint, all you need to do is wax or seal with sealant of your choice. Daydream Apothecary paint is water-based, sticks to almost any surface, including metal, glass, wood, you name it. You can use this paint indoors or outdoors (if appropriately sealed), and its thin consistency means a little goes a long way while still proving exceptional, pigmented coverage.

In short, it's unicorn paint. Try some, and see for yourself.