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We have two print media options for you to choose from. Self Adhesive and Decoupage Artisan Prints and both are described below.

Self Adhesive - Paint furniture, canvas or other medium with your paint of choice.

Be sure the area you are placing your adhesive print on is clean and dry. We recommend lightly sanding your surface and cleaning the dust off prior to placement to ensure the smoothest transition.

Starting at one end, gently pul up a portion of the print. Fold the paper back and line up your print. Slowly, pull the paper backing off your print and let it adhere to your project. Using a sponge or finishing pad, work from the inside out to smooth out any bubbles.

Once your project is complete, seal it with your favourite polycrylic.

Decoupage Artisan Print and Rice Paper - Make sure your surface is clean and dry. You can use your choice of decoupage medium to adhere the paper. Put your decoupage medium on the furniture first and then the back side of the paper.

Rice Paper - for best results lightly mist your paper prior to placing on you project.

Place the paper on your furniture or other project medium and smooth it over. Let it dry completely.

Once dry, use a razor knife to cut the drawer spaces or breaks in. Use a sanding block to smooth and 'cut' your edges. Once all the loose paper has been smoothed you can seal your paper. We recommend using a clear coat sealer or poly type product.

"there are different methods you can use to decoupage. We encourage you to find what works best for you!